Prestige Lawns Artificial Turf Example of Artificial Grass Side View An image showing a cats muddy paws on wood that have left a wet mark on the wood beams

Pet-Proof Your Garden: Artificial Grass for Dogs Avoids Muddy Paws All Year Round

Having a pet is one of great pleasures in life. We love our dogs and all the great things that come with them, but muddy paw prints are not usually one of them.

Well, have you considered the installation of an artificial grass in your garden?
Not only is artificial grass dog friendly, but it also looks extremely natural and realistic all year round. Your four legged friends can freely play around and roam the garden regardless of the weather, giving you peace of mind knowing that no muddy paws will be coming back into the house.



Eclipse artificial grass with happy dog Leighton Buzzard
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Prestige Lawns Spring Garden Prestige Lawns Spring Garden with Artificial Grass Prestige Lawns Spring Garden

Spruce Up Your Spring Garden


an image of a spring garden with artificial grass and a bike

Spring is finally here, bringing longer days, lighter evenings and blossoming flowers. With Summer on the horizon, it’s time to think about getting your garden to look its best! Prestige Lawns have plenty of experience when it comes to Spring garden revivals, so don’t hesitate in getting in touch!

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