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How to Create a Beautiful Garden with a Small Space

Want a stunning outside area that you can use more often, but you’re stuck with a small space and struggling to do a lot with it? Luckily for you, we’ve collated some of our best ideas to make a beautiful garden out of a small space.

A picture of a garden gnome

Don’t overcrowd

The key to getting an outside area that people will envy is to not overcrowd. We understand the temptation of going into a garden centre and wanting to buy all of the ornaments, but you’ll thank us for telling you to put the gnome down and keep your garden minimal. Overcrowding an area instantly makes it appear smaller as it looks cluttered; if you can see more of the area, it will appear bigger. However, that’s not to say don’t buy any decorations for your garden; outdoor lights are perfect to subtly add detail for a beautiful garden and they look very pretty on summer nights!

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Why Should You Go for Artificial Turf Installation in Your Garden?

Jealous of your neighbour’s perfectly cut, bright green grass? How do they get it to look so beautiful? Artificial turf installation! Each year, we see a huge rise in the amount of people choosing artificial grass for a beautiful looking garden to impress their guests. So, why are so many people turning to the artificial solution?

Looks great all year round.

The main reason so many people are choosing artificial grass is that it looks great all year round. In the UK, we face a lot of changes in the weather and this can really affect natural grass: dying in some seasons, over growing in others. Opting for artificial turf installation means that whatever the weather, your garden will always look fresh and beautiful whether we’re in the high heat of summer or freezing winter storms.

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