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Gardening Tips for Wet Weather

Trying to maintain a beautiful garden during wet weather can seem like an impossible chore. However, with a few tricks, it can be a lot less of a struggle. We’ve come up with our top gardening tips to prepare for the wet weather and what to do when it does arrive.

Create a Pathway

A picture of a pathway made of stepping stones in a garden

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A Garden to Use in All Seasons

In the UK, we have a lot of rain, wind and snow and our gardens go through it all, meaning it can sometimes be difficult to use them unless it’s a dry and hot day, which is very rare for us. It’s a dream to have a garden that can be used in all seasons but now you’ve got Prestige Lawns, you can make that dream a reality! Artificial grass is the perfect solution to have a beautiful garden that you can use to your heart’s content in all seasons.

Bloom and Blossom in the Months of Spring

A picture of blossom

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Prepare Your Garden for the Autumn Months

As we approach the last weeks of Summer, we’re beginning to think about how to prepare our gardens for the Autumn months. We’re already starting to get wet and colder days but everyone still wants to maintain a stunning garden all year round. We’ve come up with three top tips to prepare your garden for Autumn.

Change Your Flowers

A picture of Begonia flowers

One way to get your garden prepared is to change up your flowers. As your summer flowers get to the end of their life, plant Autumn blooming flowers in their place; doing so will mean you’ll already have beautiful flowers appearing in your garden as we enter Autumn. We have a couple of favourites for the season: Begonias, which flower through the Summer months all the way up to November, and Nerine flowers, which can bring summer colours into the colder months with their cerise pink petals.

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