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Why Will Artificial Grass Make Your Garden More Environmentally Friendly?

With global warming becoming an increasing problem, people are beginning to think of ways to become more environmentally friendly. Car shares, pushbikes and switching off electricals are all very common measures for negating the effects of global warming but not many people think about their gardens. Although natural gardens seem nice, you could be more environmentally friendly by opting for artificial grass. Not only will your garden look greener with artificial grass, it will also be greener; below, we’ve discussed the reasons why.

Less Water Will Be Used

A picture of a hose pipe

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Ideas for a Halloween Garden Party

It’s the dark, thrilling time of year again; Halloween is right around the corner! Are you thinking of throwing a Halloween garden party this year? Below, we’ve collated some of our favourite ideas for parties outside at this time of year.

Turn Your Garden into a Graveyard

A picture of a lawn skeleton and a fake grave stone

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