Artificial Grass Artificial Football Pitch Artificial Grass Football Pitch Artificial Grass Football Pitch Artificial Grass Artificial Football Pitch

Why Are Sports Teams Opting for an Artificial Pitch?

The use of an artificial pitch for sports teams is a little bit of an argued topic. Whilst lots of people are all for the change to artificial grass, many are still sceptical. Nowadays, the switch to an artificial pitch is becoming a lot more popular for a variety of different sports; it’s particularly popular for American football. Below are a few of the reasons why sports teams are starting to make the change.

Low Maintenance

A picture of a man maintaining a football pitch

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The Perfect Garden for Al Fresco Dining

The weather is finally starting to pick up in England and we’re loving it! We’ve been getting our gardens ready to enjoy some al fresco dining over the summer and we thought we’d share a few of our top tips with you! Get ready to get full use out of your garden this season.

Somewhere To Sit

A picture of wooden garden furniture

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