Artificial Grass for Dogs

In the UK, pets mean a great deal to us and become valued members of the family, so we understand the importance of a suitable environment that your four-legged friends can enjoy for years to come. A lot of our customers are tired of mopping up after muddy paws; with a Prestige lawn, your dog can use the garden all year round with no mess and no mud. With our turf pile anchorage and heavy duty backing, dogs will not damage the grass in any way. Plus, all of our artificial grass is European manufactured so it’s very safe for their skin and paws.

All of Prestige Lawns’ artificial grass is suitable for dogs and other pets, but equally important is what goes under your lawn. We have an Aqua Flow sub base system which is more permeable than a DIY method of installation. With the increased flow through the sub base, you can wash the pet smells away more easily, leaving your artificial grass cleaner and therefore a more hygienic area for dogs and yourself.

Easy to Maintain Artificial Grass for People with Dogs

Cleaning up their business is easy to just scoop, as usual, and there will be no discolouration or dead patches. You can clean your lawn to spotless perfection with our artificial grass cleaner; our cleaner deodorises and kills bacteria and is scented with the glorious smell of freshly cut grass.

Along with all these reasons, artificial grass from Prestige Lawns is perfect for owners of dogs who tend to dig holes and churn up the grass. With a dig-free garden, you won’t see rough patches or divots appearing, allowing you to enjoy a lush green appearance all year round.

To enjoy the practical and aesthetic benefits of artificial grass for you and your pet, please feel free to get in touch. Based in Milton Keynes we are centrally placed to offer our services within 1.5 hours of our showroom. So we also cover the areas of and surrounding Cambridge (Cambridgeshire), Oxford (Oxfordshire), Bedford (Bedfordshire), Northampton (Northamptonshire). If you have more questions or would like to book a free survey – simply give us a call on 01908 542422.

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