Artificial Grass in Frosts

Artificial Grass in Frosts to Beautiful Sunshine

Our artificial grass is great in winter frosts or lovely summer sun. One of the main reasons why you might invest in an artificial lawn is to have beautiful lush green grass all year round.  A Prestige Lawn is easy grass to maintain, by following a few easy steps. This mainly just consists of a good sweep or a hose down if you have dogs. You may like to buy our artificial grass after care pack, just to make your life that little bit simpler. 


It’s always nice to get back out in the garden after the cold winter, a good tidy up is always first on the list. You may find the odd airborne seed/ weed has landed on the grass, when they are small these usually just sweep away but sometimes may require a little tug from the base. Don’t worry these aren’t coming up from below the lawn they are just sat on top. All artificial grass installed by Prestige Lawns is of high quality so using a water-based weed killer if required is absolutely fine.


Beautiful sunshine, BBQ’s and no mowing that’s what summer is all about. In the summer months is when your lawn is most lightly to get a lot of use. Just a simple brush up against the pile will keep the yarns stood up and the artificial grass looking its best, green and lush with no dead patches. Good news as well if you have a paddling pool, trampoline or just plant pots on the lawn, when you decide to move them just a quick brush up and the grass will be like new, no brown patches.  


Golden brown leaves falling from the trees and the weather is turning a little chilly. If you have leaves or debris falling onto your artificial grass this is perfectly ok, but it is important to sweep them up before they decay or mulch down. You don’t want the mulch in the bottom of the grass because this can encourage weed growth. This is a just another quick sweep or a leaf blower can assist, turn the blower on reverse to hoover your artificial grass.


In the winter months your lawn will just sit there looking good, not a lot to do really, just appreciate how lovely your garden still looks. Snow or in frosts artificial grass is just fine, the only time to keep off the lawn is if the temperature falls below 15c though in the UK this is rare. If it snows, you can make perfectly clean snow men no mud no mess just beautiful white snow. No more muddy paws or footprints in the house, with a Prestige Lawn you can use the garden all year round.

Maintenance for dogs

If you have doggies or just the one, they will love a Prestige Lawn. With our unique sub-base, and free draining aggregates washing through couldn’t be easier. Also, we only install dense good quality artificial grass so picking up is much less bother than an old fashion lawn. We recommend using an artificial grass cleaner in a hose gun sprayed directly on to the lawn, brushing it in with a stiff brush to keep the lawn fresh and clean. Depending on how often your doggie is doing their business will determine how often you will need to clean.