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Urban Garden Design Trends

Many people in the UK’s most popular towns and cities live in flats or shared houses without access to their own garden. For those renting houses that do have a garden, they are often subjected to an outdoor space that hasn’t been properly maintained or that they do not have creative control over. In the best-case scenario, people have access to a public garden or balcony where they can enjoy the natural outdoors. In recent years, homes in the UK have been getting smaller. This means gardens are also getting smaller too. For However, there are many ways that you can create your dream garden with the limited space that urban homes provide. Prestige Lawns have looked at the urban garden design trends that we can expect to see more of in 2020.

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The Grass is Always Greener with a Prestige Lawn: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Grass


The old saying goes that “the grass is always greener on the other side”, and though this may mean that one should be wary of how better things may seem in someone else’s life, other’s can choose to take this idiom a little more literally.

Prestige Lawns logo thumbnail The 6 Real Benefits of Creating your Own Garden Gym The 6 Real Benefits of Creating your Own Garden Gym

The 6 Real Benefits of Creating Your Own Garden Gym

Did you know that in Britain, more than 20 million of us are physically inactive? With money, time and other commitments to consider, it’s no wonder that so many of us struggle to commit to an exercise routine. Despite our struggles, exercise is still hugely important and it’s essential that we all find a way to practise a healthy lifestyle that involves regular physical activity. Experts say we should exercise at least 3 days a week for a healthier body, and luckily we have found a way to make this easy for you. Continue reading

19 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger Prestige Lawns Gardens Artificial Grass Modern Garden Artificial Grass Landscaped Garden Artificial Grass Biophilia Artificial Grass Herb Garden Artificial Grass Garden Artificial Grass Garden Landscaping 25 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger Artificial Grass Details

19 Small Garden Ideas to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger

Struggling for small garden ideas and inspiration?

You don’t need a sweeping lawn to build the perfect outdoor paradise. Small gardens have tons of aesthetic potential and with a couple of changes here and there, you can have the spacious garden you’ve always wanted. All you need to achieve the impossible is the right small garden design plans. The most successful small garden designs create the impression of a larger lawn by using some simple tricks to their advantage. Continue reading

Fighting Grass Allergies with Artificial Grass Fighting Grass Allergies with Artificial Grass Artificial Grass is the Solution to a Grass Allergy

Artificial Grass: The Grass Allergy Solution

Summer is in full swing, so it’s only natural you want to get out and enjoy it. Who doesn’t like relaxing in the garden with the feel of grass under your feet? You want to have a garden party or a BBQ, you want to play with your pets on the lawn, you want to sunbathe to your heart’s content. Unfortunately if you are one of the many people who suffer from a grass allergy you may find that enjoying summer isn’t enjoyable at all. A grass allergy can ruin your summer rest and relaxation.

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Artificial Grass on a Slope

Can You Install Artificial Grass On A Slope?

If your garden sits on a slope you may have found that your grass is extremely difficult to maintain.  Synthetic grass, however, is a desirable option for many people, saving time and money on lawn care for those who have sloped gardens. But many people are unsure if it is possible to install artificial grass on a slope. Thankfully, it is entirely possible. Here we look at the problems that can arise from natural grass in sloped gardens and why artificial grass is the perfect solution.

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Artificial Grass Artificial Football Pitch Artificial Grass Football Pitch Artificial Grass Football Pitch Artificial Grass Artificial Football Pitch

Why Are Sports Teams Opting for an Artificial Pitch?

The use of an artificial pitch for sports teams is a little bit of an argued topic. Whilst lots of people are all for the change to artificial grass, many are still sceptical. Nowadays, the switch to an artificial pitch is becoming a lot more popular for a variety of different sports; it’s particularly popular for American football. Below are a few of the reasons why sports teams are starting to make the change.

Low Maintenance

A picture of a man maintaining a football pitch

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Prestige Lawns Eating Garden Prestige Lawns Eating Garden Artificial Grass BBQ Prestige Lawns Bunting Garden Prestige Lawns Outdoor Heater Prestige Lawns Garden Furniture

The Perfect Garden for Al Fresco Dining

The weather is finally starting to pick up in England and we’re loving it! We’ve been getting our gardens ready to enjoy some al fresco dining over the summer and we thought we’d share a few of our top tips with you! Get ready to get full use out of your garden this season.

Somewhere To Sit

A picture of wooden garden furniture

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Artificial Grass Garden in St Albans Artificial Grass Prestige Lawns Garden Maintenance Prestige Lawns Watering Turf

What Are the Benefits of Using Artificial Grass?

The little spurt of sunshine and heat we had last week has got us really excited for summer! Did the heatwave make you realise that your garden needs a little bit of TLC? Have you thought about saying goodbye to your dead or overgrown grass and opting for artificial grass instead? Now’s the time to make the change! Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular in people’s gardens, and with all the benefits it gives, it’s really no wonder why the popularity has grown so much. Below, we’ve shared a few of the top benefits for going artificial with your garden.

Low Maintenance

A picture fo someone sweeping their garden

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Prestige Lawns logo thumbnail Prestige Lawns Milton Keynes Garden Show

Milton Keynes Garden Show 2018: Artificial Grass and Beautiful Gardens

Year on year, many amateur and pro gardeners, and just people that love gardens, attend the Milton Keynes Garden Show. With free admission, it’s something you should definitely head down to if you live in or around the Milton Keynes area; it’s also an event that’s worth travelling to if you’re passionate about gardens but live a little further out.

A picture of the Prestige Lawns stand at the Milton Keynes Garden Show

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